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What we do

We are seeking technologies that leverage extraordinary capacities of the biological world in the physical world and benefits of physics in living organisms, thereby merging physics and biology to create new forms of unprecedented innovation

Our stories

Cache DNA: The core engine
for the genomics revolution
and massive digital data storage.

Motif Neurotech restores neural circuits with minimally invasive artificial neurons.


Prior to Interface Fund, Julia co-founded healthcare startup Igantia Therapeutics (UCSF spin-off, acquired in 2019) and was a partner at Mindrock Capital, a grow-stage venture fund from San Francisco. Julia holds a master's degree in finance.

Founding Partner at Interface Fund
Venture capitalist

Julia Prakapovich

Tim was a founding team member of Neuralink; scientific advisor to Science Co, and Abbott Neuromodulation; as well as academic research partner at Galvani Bioelectronics. His current research is focused on technology development for brain-machine interfaces, and he continues to work as an advisor and team member for various startup companies at the boundary of physics and biology. Tim received his PhD in Physics and Biology at The Rockefeller University in New York City.

Founding Partner at Interface Fund
Associate professor and De-Armond chair in Neural Engineering at the University of Oregon

Tim Gardner

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